Vegetable Garden Planner Review

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PROS / You can view your uploaded garden on any mobile device.

CONS / There is no phone number for contacting the company if you need assistance.

VERDICT / This fantastic software can help you figure out growing seasons and the perfect time to harvest.

The right vegetable garden software can assist you in creating your perfect garden. Vegetable Garden Planner can give you all the right tools for achieving your gardening goals. Vegetable Garden Planner makes it simple to plan your garden by giving you options for finding your frost dates, and you can design with exactness the layout of the garden bed you plan to use. The software also keeps gardening records that will help you year to year.

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Using Vegetable Garden Planner throughout the growing season and into your harvest will give you the return you have been looking for to save you money on those grocery bills. With great planting guidance, this software earns our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award.

Program Features

Vegetable Garden Planner has a simple style, which makes it easy to use, even if it feels a bit outdated. Setting up your garden from the start is very easy because this program allows you to use different shapes to create your garden bed. The graph-based setup can help you space out each garden bed and keep spacing consistency with other beds, as well.

When you start creating your layout, all you have to do is select what shape you want to use and drag the mouse. If there is a path or walkway you are accounting for, vegetable garden planner will let you put little bends in your beds, and then you can insert other shapes to create any walkways or paths that might run through your garden.

This vegetable garden software also includes over 120 different types of fruits and vegetables. Each includes information on the type of plant family it is, if it is a perennial plant or not, what kind of soil it functions well in and how much sun it needs for growing.

Vegetable Garden Planner also gives you information on how much spacing you will need between the plants (both in rows and with single plants) and how to create a rich soil composition. When you have selected a plant, check to see the best harvesting times and how you should harvest the plant. Should you want to know good growing companions for the plant, this garden planner will show you what plants will grow well together in your vegetable garden.

Gardening Features

What we like about this software is the option you have to create either a full garden or a smaller garden known as a square foot garden (SFG). The SFG is perfect for those who may live in smaller townhomes with limited backyards or in big cities where space is scarce. When you plant your garden, the software will compile a chart showing how many of each plant you need to buy or raise from seed, and it will tell you the correct planting dates for those plants.

If you are an avid gardener, you know that rotating crops to preserve the nutritional value of the soil is essential. If you plan to grow fall tomatoes one year and then spring peas the year after, this will help your soil retain its moisture and acidity from year to year. Vegetable Garden Planner records all information from your past gardens, up to five years' worth, and will show you what plants will work best this year and where you should place them. This application will warn you if you are trying to plant something where it might not work as well and can guide you in the right direction.

Social Media

Vegetable Garden Planner makes it easy to access social media. We love this fact about this application because it will give you the opportunity to share your garden design and successes you've had with the software. You can share information on their Facebook page and via Twitter. Other outlets include their YouTube account and their blog. If you go to the blog, you can post any advice you want to give to other gardeners or even seek out help to any questions you may have. Sharing your garden will publish your garden design to its very own webpage. You can then view your garden on any mobile device as well as a computer.

Help & Support

Vegetable Garden Planner can give you advice and tips on growing the perfect garden. If you should run into any snags, the software developer has options for help. There are several tutorial videos that you can watch to learn how to use the software, and you can upload and print gardens and details about square food gardening. If you need direct customer support, you can contact them through email. You can also check out the FAQs or technical help pages for further assistance.


While we would love to see the future development of this software to allow uploading of real photos of gardens, the Vegetable Garden Planner is software that can help you attain a well-functioning garden. From the very beginning of creating your own garden plan, this application will help you with your soil preparation, teach you which plants grow well in what season and instruct you on how to rotate your crops. As the years progress, you will be growing gardens with excellent harvests.